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Homework Help - Fall 2018

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Free help with homework for middle and high school students is available Monday, Tuesday and Thursdary from 3:20 to 5:30.  Participants meet at 3:20 at the RHS cafeteria.  At 3:30 students go to the RHS Library and start on homework.  Tutors will be available in math and language arts to help.  Students who complete homework assignments are provided opportunities to read for classes, build skills on the computer, complete class projects, or work on projects for credit recovery.

Students are encouraged to spend 15 minutes reading their library book. Students should plan to bring class work that will keep them busy for 90 minutes. 

In the event there is time for other educational programming, students could participate in  physical fitness, career exploration, college readiness, STEM, personal development or social skills activities.

Tutors include a middle school math teacher, a high school math teacher, and a high school English teacher who helps with all subject areas.  Another staff person will provide support and assist with credit recovery.

Students wanting to participate should complete an enrollment form and bring it to their first after school session.  Forms do require parent signatures.  After school enrollment forms are available in the middle school and high school offices.

Tutor.com also provides students in grades 8-11 an opportunity to get free help from tutors online 24 hours a day in all subject areas.  The website is www.tutor.com/appstate and for the login students need their power school ID (number they use in the cafeteria without the initials) and the password - gearup. 

Funding for GEAR UP for Homework Help is provided by GEAR UP a grant that is administered by Appalachian State University.  For more information about GEAR UP for Homework Help contact the coordinator Teresa Garland at 479-9830 ext. 3606 or email her at teresag@graham.k12.nc.us.