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Robbinsville Elementary School

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Elementary School Returning to Plan A

Governor Roy Cooper announced that elementary schools across the state of North Carolina could return to Plan A (face-to-face instruction with masks and social distancing as much as possible but releasing the requirement for a distance of 6ft)  in grades K-5 as of this past Monday, October 5, 2020, with a remote option still available to all students.  The Graham County School Board made the decision to move Robbinsville Elementary School to Plan A at the September 30, 2020 special called Board Meeting.  The decision was for Robbinsville Elementary School to start Plan A on Tuesday, October 13, 2020.  This is the first day of the second nine weeks of school.

However, because of community spread of COVID-19, Graham County Schools has moved to Plan C, full-remote education for students, until Monday, October 26, 2020.  Effective, Monday, October 26, 2020 Robbinsville Elementary School will reopen on Plan A.  Meaning, students in grades K-6 will return to face-to-face instruction 4 days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), receive remote instruction on Wednesday, and school will release each day at 2:00 p.m.

The Governor’s Order included grades K-5.  However, because our 6th grade has such a small number of students, teachers can still maintain 6ft of social distancing in those 6th grade classrooms.  This will allow our 6th grade to return on Monday, October 26, 2020 to the same 4-day week schedule as grades K-5. 

We believe that having students in person 4 days per week and no longer have the A/B schedule requirement of 2 days per week in person will be beneficial for students and families.  We will work hard to ensure your child’s safety and health.  If you have any questions, please contact me, Jaime Hooper at 828-479-9850 or by email at  We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday, October 26, 2020.  Stay well.

Jaime Hooper, Robbinsville Elementary Principal

What Parents Should Know About Remote Learning

At Robbinsville Elementary School

  1. Log on to your Google Classroom to check for videos and assignments everyday.

  2. Attendance for remote days will be based on completion of class assignments by the due date and not on a Google Form login. 

  3. Instructional videos/live stream lessons are being posted by teachers as necessary and  should be viewed by students on any remote day that a video is posted.  This is vital for students to understand assignments and to be prepared for class the next in person day.  A video/live stream lesson may not always be posted for a remote day.  The teacher may have an assignment posted for the day only.

  4. Students with temporary loss of internet should contact the RES Office/Teacher.  (This applies to students who normally have internet access.)

  5. If the chromebook is not connecting to the internet at home the chromebooks needs to be updated at school.  This can be done from the school in the school parking lot by connecting to the school wifi.

  6. Students with no internet access need to make teachers aware so other arrangements for instruction and assignments can be made.  Many times students will have access to download work and videos on face to face days to use on remote days.

  7. Individual teachers will post office hours to their Google Classroom and the school website once those hours are set.

  8. Students are responsible for completing all assignments on time/by due date.

  9. Students are more successful when they have a schedule; they should try to login during their scheduled class time every day.

  10. Parent Option: Parents can receive Google Classroom Notifications.  If you are interested in this please email your child’s teachers.

  11. Students who are only remote can switch to face to face after the first nine weeks. Decisions will be made at the administration’s discretion until that point. 

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