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Robbinsville Elementary School

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Contact Sheet-RES

What Parents Should Know About Remote Learning

At Robbinsville Elementary School

  1. Log on to your Google Classroom to check for videos and assignments everyday.

  2. Attendance for remote days will be based on completion of class assignments by the due date and not on a Google Form login. 

  3. Instructional videos/live stream lessons are being posted by teachers as necessary and  should be viewed by students on any remote day that a video is posted.  This is vital for students to understand assignments and to be prepared for class the next in person day.  A video/live stream lesson may not always be posted for a remote day.  The teacher may have an assignment posted for the day only.

  4. Students with temporary loss of internet should contact the RES Office/Teacher.  (This applies to students who normally have internet access.)

  5. If the chromebook is not connecting to the internet at home the chromebooks needs to be updated at school.  This can be done from the school in the school parking lot by connecting to the school wifi.

  6. Students with no internet access need to make teachers aware so other arrangements for instruction and assignments can be made.  Many times students will have access to download work and videos on face to face days to use on remote days.

  7. Individual teachers will post office hours to their Google Classroom and the school website once those hours are set.

  8. Students are responsible for completing all assignments on time/by due date.

  9. Students are more successful when they have a schedule; they should try to login during their scheduled class time every day.

  10. Parent Option: Parents can receive Google Classroom Notifications.  If you are interested in this please email your child’s teachers.

  11. Students who are only remote can switch to face to face after the first nine weeks. Decisions will be made at the administration’s discretion until that point. 

School Picture Information

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Follow prompts and order online.

The 2020 Fall Picture Schedule is as Follows:

Fall Picture Schedule 2020 


Wednesday, 09/09/20: (All Pre-K Students, All Remote Students K-6)

 9:00     A Kids Place

9:20     Backyard

9:40     RHS Childcare

10:00   Kindergarten Remote Learners

10:30   First Grade Remote Learners

11:00   2nd Grade Remote Learners

11:30   3rd Grade Remote Learners

12:00-12:30     Lunch for Photo Staff

12:30   4th Grade Remote Learners

1:00     5th Grade Remote Learners

1:30     6th Grade Remote Learners

2:00     Any Remote Learner that Missed their Scheduled Grade Time

 Thursday, 09/10/20: (K-1 F2F Students & 4-6 Schedule A Students)

 8:30     Jessica Mintz

8:50     Laura Beasley

9:10     Amanda Stewart

9:30     Julie Norcross

9:50     Rebecca Powell

10:10   Leanne Ramsey

10:30   Crystal Beasley

10:50   Tina Thach

11:10   Kaila Icenhower

11:30   Jocelyn Satterfield

11:50   Paige Gross

12:00   Jessica Wehr

12:00-12:30     Lunch for Photo Staff

12:30   Dan Hudson

12:40   Shae Mullinax

12:50   Tara Peterson

1:00     Sabrina Lane

1:10     Angela McGuire

1:20     Analisa Collins

1:30     Keilah Stewart

1:40     Amy Hogsed

1:50     Caroline Holland

2:00     Teresa Moody

 Friday, 09/11/20 (2-3 F2F Students, & 4-6 Schedule B Students)

 8:30     Jennifer Outen

8:50     Lendy Ayers

9:10     Dianne Wiggins

9:30     April Orr

9:50     Jessica Beasley

10:10   Brandi Carpenter

10:30   Brooke Haney

10:50   Jessica Yates

11:10   Kadey Phillips

11:30   Amy Hogsed

11:50   Farrah Orr

12:10-12:40     Lunch for Photo Staff

12:40   Keilah Stewart

12:50   Caroline Holland

1:00     Teresa Moody

1:10     Dan Hudson

1:20     Shae Mullinax

1:30     Angela McGuire

1:40     Analisa Collins

1:50     Paige Gross

2:00     Jessica Wehr

2:10     Tara Peterson

2:20     Sabrina Lane


Resources For Instruction


1st Grade
RES First Grade

2nd Grade

STORY SCOOPED "Winter Daydream"

RES Second Grade

3rd Grade
Third Grade Resources

4th Grade

RES Fourth Grade

5th Grade

RES 5th Grade

Class Name: RES 5th Grade
Class Code: @7aad9d

6th Grade

RES 6th Grade

Class name: RES Sixth Grade
Class code: @ressix