March 27, 2020 Update

Good Evening, this is Robbinsville High School Principal David Matheson.  First, I would like to convey how much we miss our students at RHS and look forward to the day our school doors open back up.  Next, let me ensure you that we will make every effort to see that certain events take place like graduation, prom, academic banquet, and the athletic banquet.  At this time, we can’t set a date but our plan is to have these events even if they are after the scheduled end of the school year.  Over the past two weeks teacher have assigned enrichment activities.  Students should have completed these assignments and be ready to start working on specific class work on Monday March 30th.  Most teachers have already posted assignments to the google classroom and it is imperative the students are logging on daily and completing their work.  Teachers have been instructed that assignments should only take 30-40 minutes a day.  Students with questions can contact teachers by phone, through email, or over the classroom.  Any student that needs work packets due to a lack of internet should contact the teacher and packets may be picked up at the high school or delivered to a food distribution site.  Students with TCCC classes should continue to work on these classes as scheduled.  Parents it is very important that you check your child’s google classroom and make sure they are completing their work.  This is not a time to get behind and we want every child to have the opportunity to graduate on time.  Grades from the third 9 weeks are posted and these can be checked through the parent portal.  Please look at this, so you know where your child stands as we enter this new era of online instruction.

Food Distribution Sites

Food Distribution Sites





Stecoah Community

Stecoah Baptist

Panther Creek Baptist

Dry Creek Baptist

Eternal Believers

Snowbird/West Buffalo Community

New Hope Baptist

Cedar Cliff Baptist

Snowbird Gymnasium

Town of Robbinsville

First Baptist 

United Methodist

Tallulah Community

Sweetgum Baptist

Bear Creek Baptist

Sweetwater Community

Mountain Creek Baptist

Sweetwater Baptist

129 North/Lower End Communities

Lone Oak Baptist

Santeetlah Baptist

Yellow Creek Baptist

Meadow Branch Baptist

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Spanish Club


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Next School Improvement Team Meeting: January 27, 2020
time TBD @ RHS 

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Stacked Deck Program

Stacked Deck Program

 Did you know?

  • ·         Gambling is legal in every state accept Utah and Hawaii and has become a $100 billion industry.
  • ·         93% of youth have access to the internet (cell phones or IPads) and 700,000 young adults gamble online monthly utilizing over 3,000 gambling websites.
  • ·         The highest rates of problem gamblers are in their teens and twenties.
  • ·         Youth with gambling problems are more likely to use tobacco, drink heavily, and use drugs.
  • ·         According to a Harvard University study on pathological gambling, in the United States 1.6% of the adult population and 3.9% of adolescents have a pathological gambling problem and another 3.9% of the adult population and 9.5% of adolescents experience problem gambling.

To help address the increasing rates of problem gambling, Robbinsville High School has implemented the North Carolina Problem Gambling Program called Stacked Deck.  This program was established to provide and support effective problem gambling prevention, education, outreach, and treatment programs throughout the state.  Stacked Deck is the only evidence-based program that has been found to be effective in preventing and reducing the risk of problem gambling among teens. Offered in six sessions in our Freshman Academy classes, the program is aimed at changing gambling-related attitudes, knowledge, beliefs, and practices.  It also seeks to improve decision-making and problem-solving.  The Stacked Deck curriculum is heavily interactive, including activities such as role-playing and discussion of case scenarios involving gambling and substance abuse.