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Stacked Deck Program

Stacked Deck Program

 Did you know?

  • ·         Gambling is legal in every state accept Utah and Hawaii and has become a $100 billion industry.
  • ·         93% of youth have access to the internet (cell phones or IPads) and 700,000 young adults gamble online monthly utilizing over 3,000 gambling websites.
  • ·         The highest rates of problem gamblers are in their teens and twenties.
  • ·         Youth with gambling problems are more likely to use tobacco, drink heavily, and use drugs.
  • ·         According to a Harvard University study on pathological gambling, in the United States 1.6% of the adult population and 3.9% of adolescents have a pathological gambling problem and another 3.9% of the adult population and 9.5% of adolescents experience problem gambling.

To help address the increasing rates of problem gambling, Robbinsville High School has implemented the North Carolina Problem Gambling Program called Stacked Deck.  This program was established to provide and support effective problem gambling prevention, education, outreach, and treatment programs throughout the state.  Stacked Deck is the only evidence-based program that has been found to be effective in preventing and reducing the risk of problem gambling among teens. Offered in six sessions in our Freshman Academy classes, the program is aimed at changing gambling-related attitudes, knowledge, beliefs, and practices.  It also seeks to improve decision-making and problem-solving.  The Stacked Deck curriculum is heavily interactive, including activities such as role-playing and discussion of case scenarios involving gambling and substance abuse.


Next School Improvement Team Meeting: September 24, 2019
11:20am @ RHS